Yes - My spiritual or faith community wants to join in the Global Climate Chorus

on Sunday, Sept. 21 at 1:00 pm in my time zone.

What is the Global Climate Chorus?
Around the world on September 21 at 1:00 pm, within their own time zone, faith communities will be making a prayerful sound outdoors, ringing their bells, chimes or gong, sounding their shofar, offering a call to prayer, chanting a mantra, or other outdoor spiritual observance.
At the same time, world leaders will be gathered in New York for the UN Climate Summit. The purpose is to create a global chorus of outdoor prayers and meditations for the climate, showing our concern about climate change, its impact on the most vulnerable and on future generations, and show our hope and support for our leaders to take action.

Please hope & pray for a meaningful agreement at Paris 2015 - and please spread the word!

How long should our Chorus last? 
We recommend 350 seconds (5 minutes and 50 seconds) - 350 is the highest number of parts per million of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere that will allow for a stable climate. We're currently close to 400 ppm.
What else can we do?
Help show that millions of us from different spiritual and religious backgrounds share deep concern about climate change and want a strong climate treaty.  Encourage ten of your friends to sign at and help make this the largest multifaith online campaign ever.
And while everyone is gathered for the Chorus, take the chance to open a conversation about climate change and what your community can do.  Use the information and resources on to help you do more together.
How can I share what my faith community does?
Facebook - Post your photo with #climatechorus 
Twitter - Tweet your photo @ourvoices2015 with #climatechorus 
Please send a photo or video to