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Invite your friends to add their voice

Please tell your friends about and encourage them to add their voice. The more people who sign, the bigger the number it becomes; the bigger the number, the louder our voices and the more our politicians will listen. 

Use Facebook and Twitter

Facebook: please Like our page, share posts and invite your friends to Like us, too.

Twitter: follow @ourvoices2015, Retweet, #FF, use #climate and #ourvoices2015 and link to this website to encourage others to add their voices.

@PREETS2015: our Prayer Tweets - Preets - are a first for Twitter! Send your prayer @preets 2015 and we'll RT. Remember to include #ourvoices2015.

Please pray, contemplate and meditate

Keep checking our prayer calendar for the latest prayer points in the build up to the COP 21 Climate Summit in Paris 2015. We believe in the power of prayer to support the difficult Climate Talks process and to help our global leaders succeed where they have previously failed. We invite you, in your faith tradition, to join us with your prayers, meditations and contemplations. 

Organise an event - Pray Standing in the Water

Go ankle deep in solidarity with the world’s small islands and organise a group to pray standing in the sea! Small islands are on the frontline of climate change impacts with rising sea levels and increasingly severe weather events. Supporters of in Edinburgh, Scotland and Hong Kong have already organised the first events. Be the next! Use our prayers on our facebook page as inspiration. Please tell us about it by emailing, post your photos on our facebook page and Twitter.

Become a messenger

Soon we will be adding a resources section to help you promote in your faith community and wherever you have the opportunity. Please get in touch if you’d like to become an Messenger to help us spread the word and get one BIG number. Please send an email to


Thank you for your support 




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Organisations working on climate change

Are you one of the many faith communities running projects related to climate change? We are currently developing our relationships with these excellent organisations around the world, across the spiritual traditions - and we will update this page soon showing our network of connections and partnerships.

 Please contact us at if your organisation is involved with:

* Help for people who have been made destitute because of flooding or other extreme weather events

* Resilience projects, for example helping communities install renewable energy and water conservation systems

* Education and activities to help everyone shrink their carbon footprint at home, at work and in communities

* Public policy engagement, to encourage more enlightened laws and financial incentives for low carbon economies

* Investment activities to support sustainable economic development.

Please also follow us on Twitter @ourvoices2015 and Facebook.