We are a #LightForLIMA

On the evening of Sunday 7th December, faith communities around the world staged vigils, calling for climate action.

In monastries, churches and temples, on hills, streets and bridges we lit candles, sang songs and said prayers as a #LightForLIMA. We'll add information and photo's here as they come through. There were at least 30 vigils in 13 countries, a dazzling display of hope and compassion from people of faith around the world.

If you have any pictures or details of your vigil you would like to share - please send them to info@ourvoices.net


This December, as world leaders meet in Lima, our future is on the line

Light for Lima CrowdTime is running out for our leaders to reach an agreement to save us from devastating climate change.

This is why OurVoices is organizing #LightForLIMA - a global, multi-faith prayer vigil.

 On Sunday evening, December 7, around the world people from diverse faith and spiritual communities will gather for public vigils – lit by solar lamps! We want you to be involved

Click here to find a vigil near you.

When world leaders come together in Lima, they need to know that we're holding them in our thoughts, meditations and prayers. Our prayers will bring hope. Our lights will guide the way.



As people of faith we can make a difference

Light for Lima Candle

 Even if you can't make it to a vigil in person - you can still take part. 

Each evening from December 1-7, households and communities around the world will light a candle, or solar lamp, and pray, meditate, or offer an invocation for a climate agreement.  Then – they’ll take a photo, post it on Facebook or Twitter with #LightForLima along with your hopes for the future. 

You can see some examples here

Our digital vigils will tell politicians that people around the world, are watching and praying for action. And the time to act is now.


Why Lima?

Light for Lima Talks

If we’re to stop climate change we need a strong meaningful climate deal which all countries agree to.

Lima is where our leaders have to nail down the fundamentals of the agreement, giving a year to work on the detail so that world leaders can join the agreement in Paris December 2015. They need to know we are supporting them to be determined and generous in overcoming difficulties in Lima for the sake of our planet, and our future.

The IPCC (the United Nation's international panel of climate change experts) has released the most comprehensive report on climate change ever made. The conclusions are sobering - our climate is changing at a disastrous rate because of our carbon emissions. We must act now.


Click here to find a vigil near you.

Want to organise a vigil? You can find some resources here