On Sunday 7th December 2014, faith communities around the world staged vigils for climate justice.


This is only a start. To add your voice to our growing call for action, click the button. Faiths around the world are rising up and demanding climate justice. #LightForLIMA was just the start, and there is much to be done over the next 12 months. With your help we've got a chance!

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In monastries, churches and temples, on hills, streets and bridges we lit candles, sang songs and said prayers as a #LightForLIMA. We'll add information and photo's here as they come through. There were at least 50 vigils in 15 countries, a dazzling display of hope and compassion from people of faith around the world.

If you have any pictures or details of your vigil you would like to share - please send them to info@ourvoices.net

Click here to visit the #LightForLIMA campaign page, to see the resources, prayers and background to our vigils

As part of #LightForLIMA campaign we teamed up with our friends at SolarAid.

SolarAid do fantastic working fighting climate change and poverty on the ground, by bringing solar lights to some of the worlds most remote places. 

Because our vigils were bringing hope to our leaders we wanted our vigils to demonstrate the beautiful future that is possible. This is why solar-powered as many vigils as possible!

As well as this, every lamp used at a #LightForLIMA vigil also brought two lamps to rural Africa!

You can buy other solar lamps here