1st September 2015 | #CreationPrayers 

Worldwide Day of Prayer for Creation

Pope Francis has joined the Orthodox church in calling for Catholics around the world to pray for creation on 1st September this year.

I'm Praying with Pope Francis

Thank you for pledging to pray for creation. 

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Creation Care

Our earth is a gift from god and our common home. Climate Change puts at risk future generations by destablising our planet. 

But the solutions are here now - incredible new energy technology puts cheap, clean, safe energy within our grasp. By embracing these we can unlock an future that is prosperous and healthy.

United in Prayer

If we stand together, both united in prayer & action for creation we can have an impact. In times of great struggle the world looks to faith for moral guidance. Our prayers can help guide our leaders to take the tough choices to do the right thing.

Vigils for our Future

September 1st is just the start.

On September 24th people around the world will hold a vigil for our future. You can find out more and join in HERE